Individual  Lessons

Friends and Family

Wedding Group Class


We offer many services related to dancing at a Wedding.

  • Private or Individual lessons for the Bride and Groom’s First Dance, Father/ Daughter or Mother/Son Dances, Parent Dances, Wedding Party Dances or general dancing for all at the reception.
  • Wedding Dance Group Classes
  • Friends and Family Sessions
  • Room Hire for Pre Wedding Events

How to learn simple, yet effective dance moves for your special first dance as husband and wife.


Although designed for the Bride and Groom, Parents and Members of the Bridal Party are also welcome.


Learn basics in three rhythms, how to walk on, hold, and dip your partner




We offer ‘Friends and Family’ sessions which are really group classes for people who are all learning for a specific event they have in common, like a wedding.

Sometimes it’s the Wedding Party, the family of the happy couple or simply wedding guests. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience on your choice of dances.


Individual lessons, sometimes called private lessons are one teacher with one couple or one person.

One lesson = 45 minutes

Lessons can be scheduled in 1, 1.5, 2, or 3 lesson increments per visit based on time available up to your wedding


The benefits of individual lessons are many -

Work on the dance(s) of your choice

Schedule lessons at your convenience

Work at your pace and ability

Work with your own choreography

More options to work with your own music selection


We have many options available to fit every schedule and budget.

It’s never too late to learn for your Wedding even if it’s only days away!

Call us know and we guarantee to have availability to teach you a few moves.


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